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TWILIGHT TALES For smile of elderly

Author Name: Sudhir Gandhi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Senior citizens have their own share of problems. They have plenty of experience of life if nothing else. Unfortunately, they are left alone, and no one is there to share whatever they have.

The child is continuously attended by parents sharing its joy of childhood by becoming child with him. Young bubbling with enthusiasm and expectations is with friends to share the experiences and parents trying to be in same foot meeting with expectations.

Alas, the parent as a senior citizen is left alone since none wants to be like them. At times, grandchildren share time with them for some years, allowing them to be like them as children!

Seniors are left to fend themselves and the book is an attempt to make it a bit easy with a smile. It allows you to go back to earlier years when you must have read such stories and smile alone. It helps to be with the hero Munjilal as a company as much as you want.

Read the stories alone or friends. the miniscules, brain teasers and one liners will add to your comfort time.

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Sudhir Gandhi

The author Sudhir Gandhi is a retired Mechanical Engineering Management Professional and emphathises with senior citizens for their feelings. 

He has varied experience of communicating with different group of persons during his profession. He puts his experience to the best use of society by writing books on technical, management, thought-provoking subjects along with novels showing way to live life. his story-books are for children and senior citizens to make them smile and pass their time with joy and pleasure. 

His story books for children try to introduce present generation to the past glory of literature available in Gujarati langauge for children providing fun and knowledge.The stories are written in simple English to make it easily readable by present day generation.

Story books for senior citizens contain same old stories and jokes, converted into different version of funny stories so that seniors enjoy the stories while remembering what they had read earlier.



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