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Twilight Whispers

Author Name: Sreyoshi Guha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

For reasons inexplicable, I’ve always found the Bengali word for twilight mellifluous, intriguing. It’s called ‘godhuli’. The love for the word is what caused me to name the book what I did. The stories are reflective. Some mystery, a few happy, a few sad. In short, a sum total of life.  Why ‘twilight’ you may ask I’ve noticed it’s the time when thoughts take seed and thereafter becomes a story. The myriad colours in the sky are what depicts ‘life’ for me.  The protagonists are women. Some may reflect me, my life. I’ll let you decide. In some, you may feel you’re reading about yourself. The stories which leave you searching for an answer, are perhaps left the way they have been left, for you to interpret.

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Sreyoshi Guha

Born and brought up in Kolkata. Loreto house, Middleton row, is her alma Mater. Nursery through to college this was her home away from home. After having brought up her two girls, she returned to teaching and training at Inlingua, New Delhi and then moved on to corporate training, communications and soft skills, at Cognizant. She loves feeding people, cooking and baking. Dancing, which used to be her passion, took backstage. She loves writing short stories, mostly with interpretation left to the reader. With encouragement from her virtual and real friends, she decided to compile some of her writings. That’s how this book ‘Twilight musings’ came about.