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Unapologetic Scribbles A Journey Of Broken Expectations

Author Name: Monica | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This story is not only about Bikram and Parvati, it covers before and beyond. Their kids, the society, and everything that contributed to their not-so-happy endings. These are characters but this story is dedicated to and inspired by the life of approximately 40 percent of families around the globe. Situations might differ from person to person but is a hard reality of the things not being discussed or simply ignored.

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I have seen many people around me suffering in bad marriages and toxic relationships for their entire life and choosing to stay in that. Sometimes due to their kids, sometimes due to society, sometimes due to their own financial instability, sometimes just being addicted to someone, sometimes due to the lack of courage, sometimes due to fear to change, sometimes due to their lifestyle, sometimes because they do not get any help, sometimes due to their morals and ethics, sometimes due to the time they have invested, sometimes they are not sure if it is really toxic, sometimes they are way too submissive, sometimes just because they cannot live alone, sometimes because there is an illusion of love, and sometimes we just came up with excuses of choosing to stay due to our own incompetencies. I have seen people fighting, abusing, crying, and still staying. This is not love. It never is. A person that loves you can never hurt you in any manner and if it is hurting, it's not meant to be.