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Unapologetic Words

Author Name: Monica | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

This book is about the things we know in our heart but when it comes to the acceptance, we all are influenced but the surroundings. True words are always bitter but right and we all know but do not want to accept. The acceptance comes from realizing the truth but the hard part is we have closed ourselves to everything, to every opportunity and we are only driven by what is right and what is said and what is only accepted and discussed in the society and their perceptions have become our perceptions without analyzing it, without comparing it and we are just becoming the heard of sheep which knows to follow but as they say great things happen when you leave everything, analyze the things and then came out with our own perceptions and be the true and unique version of yourself.

Finding your own path, your own perception about everything after a deep analysis is more important than being accepted. Trust me whatever you do in life, you cannot make everyone happy and it is not important to make everyone happy. It is okay to live in a world of diverse thoughts and ideas as every individual is unique in their own way, but it is very important to find your true self. It could be possible that someone else perception is good for their living, but it does not mean it is good for you. Find yourself. This book may be a bit harsh on your feelings, but it is sometime important to be hit on the right point to grow as a human.

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Ever since I was a child I used to write the things which I see around me and the things that bothers me. I used to write blogs about different things going on. So, I was not an intelligent person education wise but I do see things and sometimes it is hard to discuss with the others and hence writin g is the best option. 

The motive of my writing is not to hurt anyone or neither to influence but just to show my views about the things that are around and sometimes people do not try to understand.