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Under The Chinar Tree Adventure Stories for Children from the Valley

Author Name: Aminah M | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Azambad is the home for Zubi and Izu, two children who live with their loving and hard-working parents. It is a story that takes you deeo into the valleys and mountains and over the bridge of the Sona River and into the forest to spot the colourful Monal bird. Under the Chinar Tree is a story book for children and it brings the beauty of the valley alive for the reader.

Izu watched the train engine, with its carriages twist snakelike around a corner, the train horn hooted loudly, echoing through the valley, and smoke spiralled upwards disappearing into the sky.

Izu waited for the last carriage to pass and then he started walking towards the village market. The streets were damp and there was a mist in the air. The wind carried the scent of Litchi and Cherries to Izu and the boy breathed in deeply. He loved his home, the valley.  

But Izu missed his father who had to travel so much and stay away from home...

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Aminah M

Under the Chinar tree is a book that was inspired by a conversation I had with a child. I asked them to imagine the perfect childhood they wished to have.   The answer surprised me, " I want to live near a forest, have  many pets, and a river that talks."   Azambad is a fictional village, it is a place Izu and Zubi call home, and the Sona River that gurgles could tell you many tales if it could talk.   Aminah M is an Indi author and has written many books. Her last book, "Lockdown With Dirilis Ertugrul,". has recieved an extremely positive response from the readers.