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UNPLUG. IN-POWER. RECREATE Transformative Poetry

Author Name: A*k² (a Times K-squared) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details
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If you want a different life,
You are going to have to
Think, feel, and act differently.

If the journey is
Filling you with dread,
What makes you think
That the destination will
Fill you with joy?

A bird delights in freedom.
Of what use is a golden cage?

Maybe all you’ve got to do
Is dare to dream
A new dream.

When you’re done,
Is where you begin.


Just you live
When you feel like
You have no reason to.
One day to the next
To the one after.

When all else is gone,
What is left? Life.

That’s when you realize
It’s all you need.
It’s all you ever needed,
It’s all you’ll ever need.

Be powered from within.
Make the shift from
Operating outside-in
To inside-out.

Build and operate
From an internal empire
That can better withstand
The tests of time.

Don’t just survive,

Create joyfully,
A life fueled by
Passion and purpose.


The thing about power is,
You can use it to create or
You can use it to destroy.

True power is when
You choose to create.

When you stop
Taming yourself to fit in,
You will discover
The power within you
That will flat out
Refuse to be tamed.

You were
Born unique.
Then why spend
A lifetime fitting in?

You can be afraid and
Push forward or
You can be afraid and
Hold back.
Push forward.

You already know what comes
From holding back.
Why not push forward and
See what happens?

At the end of it all,
Let your life be about
What you created.

Dare to create.
Begin Again.

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A*k² (a Times K-squared)

A*k² (a times k-squared) is a new poet and writer on the block. She’s very excited about it as this is the second chance at life she’s giving herself. After having worked in digital advertising at Google for 12 years, she decided to go soul searching to discover what it was she wanted to do next. Determined to sculpt her life with her own mind and hands, she explored ideas that interested her. One thing led to another.

She’d written poetry from when she was a rebellious teenager protesting against life. Now though, she finds she wants to make peace with life. To understand it, experience it, and make the most of it before she runs out of the only currency she cannot earn back: time.

She has all kinds of theories and philosophies to explain her perspectives. A few questions, though, she finds herself unable to answer. Did she choose writing, or did it choose her? Or was it in her all along, waiting for her to take note and give her dreams flight?

Passionate about learning and growing, her mission is to self-empower to create joyfully a life fueled by passion and purpose. This reflects in her writing. In sharing her journey with the world, she finds her purpose. Her interests include poetry, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, yoga, martial arts, traveling, and dancing—all in the pursuit of self-actualization. The idea of becoming all that she has the potential to be in this lifetime fascinates her.

She’s delighted you’re reading her bio. She’s thrilled she gets to connect with you through her words. It’s an opportunity she values greatly and is truly grateful for.