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Velocity Of Thoughts

Author Name: Taruna Gambhir | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

As the name suggests this book dwells upon the rapid thoughts that our mind encounters every single moment. We remain idle but our mind always keeps itself engaged in manoeuvring thoughts sometimes exquisite, sometimes bizarre.

At times thoughts ignite the candle in the darkness and remove the clouds of calamity. Be it dreaming of flying like birds, embracing horizon, challenging the storms, chasing our shadows or talking with the inexistent things our thoughts seclude us from this planet and make us land in the world of fantasy.

Our mind is constantly creating something new and valuable; tangible via visual arts or intangible through the medium of our thoughts.

Ceasing thoughts from arising are almost improbable so better why don't we inscribe them as a piece of writing? “VELOCITY OF THOUGHTS" is an accumulation of thoughts stunningly penned down by the writers which readers will find enthralling.

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Taruna Gambhir

Taruna Gambhir is a 21-year-old hailing from the city of Pune, Maharashtra. Currently, Physiotherapy student, she has always found solace in the literature be it poems, short stories or novels. Emotions can be wrapped in words, she assumes and she uses writing as a tool for depicting emotions. Although not a professional writer, she began writing simply to share her sorrow with paper through her pen but as time elapsed she found herself writing whether she was happy, angry or sad.  Moon, stars, rain, nights and nature tempt her and she loves to pen them down. Life is short and which is why she seeks ecstasy in every little joy of life. She also finds interest in cooking and travelling.

Her writings can be found on Instagram @the_obscuredwords.