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What about PASSION? Journeys of 12 Engineers who in their 20’s created Success stories towards SUCCESS

Author Name: Priya Dalvi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

I grew up following the popular life code ‘Study. Get a job. Earn lots of money’. I was so convinced by this that I strived to by-heart books and even became a bookworm. Of late, a realization came to me — the code of settlement was a cliché.

Through this book, I take you through the real lives of select young engineers. Engineers who entered their ‘Sphere of Interest’. Engineers who have stepped aboard to chase their dreams.

But, what haunts an engineer the most in his pursuit of passion, are these questions:

How do I convince my parents?

What if I fail?

Will I make enough money?

What will society say?

The protagonists of this book survived these questions. I set out to meet engineers and found myself abundantly amused. Over a year’s time, I interacted with the one who became a farmer, another became a cricketer, and so on. “I proudly label them all ‘CREATIVE-PRENEURS”.

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Priya Dalvi

Priya Dalvi, a B.E graduate in Information Technology from Goa Engineering College, came to Pune, hunting for a job. During her tenure in the city, which she now calls her second home, she discovered the wordsmith in her. She intensely believes an individual can be happy only if he embarks into his ‘Sphere of Interest’. It was through this journey of the book, she has learned Engineering is not just a ‘Degree’ but a ‘Career Builder’. An engineer can still plunge into a creative domain if not into a job or business.

Priya works for a software company in Pune. Her journey from a blog to a book is captivating and she strongly wishes to exhibit nothing is more meaningful than living a life of choice.



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