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What If You Don't Wake up Alive Tomorrow Morning? The Beginning of the End!

Author Name: Gavin D’Souza | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

What is the combined weight of life and death? People are born, they get educated, work all their lives, make money, get married, have kids and get old. This is the cycle of life. What happens after that? Where is everyone’s life ultimately heading to? What is really out there? Is it created by God or the Big Bang? What is that one thing that is common to all of us, irrespective of nationality, religion, economic status and social standing? Brace yourself: you are still alive and reading this.

We all are standing in the same long queue, waiting for our turn. Nobody wants to die; even the people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. We are all praying, but is He really listening? Even the people who pray everyday are going to die someday.

What do they say about all this? Who is to blame for it? Is God behind all this? Is it even Him? What is the one thing that money cannot buy? Can vegetarians live forever by saving all the other animals? Why does life exist on earth? What is the driving purpose behind life? Did God create religion? Do all the good people really go to heaven? What if you don’t wake up alive tomorrow morning?

It is the perfect time to find out...

Are you ready to face the truth?

The truth will set you free,

But before that… it pisses you off!


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Gavin D’Souza

The author Gavin D’Souza is from Chickmagalur, Karnataka. He did his B.Sc. in Digital Media from I-CAT, Bengaluru. He is currently working as a quality check engineer in Deluxe Digital Studios, Bengaluru. His interests include photography, cooking, travelling, riding bike, talking to people, and making new friends.

Gavin’s initial idea was to write a movie script around the concept of life and death. Later, he felt writing a book would be a better idea. Over the course of time, everything fell into place. He did a lot of research and spoke to several people. The book slowly gained shape and form and reached a stage where it was ready to be published.

This is Gavin’s first book. He does not have much experience in writing. Apart from school essays and exams, he had never written anything else before. He had never taken writing seriously. It all happened by serendipity. He believes writing this book has opened a whole new world to him. Gavin wants to take up writing as his career, if people find his perspectives interesting and worth reading!