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What's Your Cause?

by Onkar K. Khullar

Format: Paperback

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Charity started with religion, when people began making donations to temples and other organisations in the name of God. But there came a time when people started questioning these institutions. Ultimately, dissatisfied with their efforts, they took it upon themselves to change the world. These few artists started their own non-profits, non-governmental organisations, social businesses and movements to bring down the Goliaths in their respective sectors. This is not my biography but a weapon for anyone who wishes to change the world.


‘What’s You Cause?’ just might be the most important book in the domain of CSR. It has profound insights on how all of us can make a difference in our own individual ways.

Siddartha Sharma
CEO Success Monks
Author Love Your Mondays and Retire Young

‘ What’s You Cause? ‘ provides practical recommendation for those who wish to create an impact through social marketing from someone who himself has helped many causes using the same methods.

Ian Mcbride
Etasha Society , New Delhi

Onkar Kishan Khullar is the founder of I Impact India, India’s first Social Innovation & Communication firm. (www.iimpactindia.com) which is redefining the terms like CSR and charity in India. He has researched extensively on more than 1000 NGOs in India and abroad, from which he has created a knowledge bank of ideas and best practices which are expressed in this book.



What's Your Cause?





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