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Whispers Amongst Delegates

Author Name: Anas Dhorajiwala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In Mumbai's heart, where monsoons play their eternal symphony, two souls, Elena Rosales from Mexico and Aarav Mehta from Mumbai, cross paths. Elena, a passionate delegate, carries dreams as vast as the sky. Aarav embodies Mumbai's spirit: a blend of ancient traditions and modernity.

Their journey begins in the world of Model United Nations, blending the formal intricacies of international diplomacy with Mumbai's chaotic charm. As they weave through Colaba's bustling streets and Marine Drive's serene waves, a budding romance flourishes amidst the rain.

But challenges loom. Corporate espionage and entanglements with a Mexican cartel test their love. “Whispers Amongst Delegates” is a story of love, ambition, and destiny. It's a tale of two disparate worlds, united by dreams and divided by legacies, where every raindrop holds a secret, and every moment is a note in life's symphony. The story asks: can love survive the storms of life?

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Anas Dhorajiwala

Anas Dhorajiwala, a beacon of eloquence in romance and literature, connects deeply with the pulse of international relations and the rhythms of love. His narratives blend political acumen with the romance of Mumbai rains. As a seasoned MUN chair in Mumbai and the founder of Global Policy Pen, Anas infuses his stories with realism and depth.

His efforts in international law adds layers to his storytelling, resonating with realism. With every authored paper on legal and social issues, Anas weaves a touch of romance, embodying a modern-day bard who celebrates love amidst chaos and diplomacy.

Anas is more than an international relations student; he's a storyteller who brings together love, diplomacy, and global affairs. Connect with him on Instagram at anas_dhorajiwala to follow his unique blend of romantic storytelling and global insights.