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WHY - Reason for Every Action Start your Day with Why

Author Name: Abdul Ghaffar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

WHY – Reason for every Action (2020) deals with your WHY, i.e., reason for your each and every action whether it is good or bad. This explains the purpose in your life. It shows you the reason for taking the pain every morning to get up from the bed to go to work, which you do every day even without your motivation and enjoyment. 

This book will gradually navigate you to get rid of procrastination and develop an interest in your routine task. The purpose of the book is to keep you in action and to help you to get your desired results. As you go through this book, the secret of WHY will be revealed and you will find the answers to the questions you face in your day to day life: Why do you lose your enthusiasm in your office, in the school or in the society? Why are your motivations vanishing gradually? How is your why important to maintain your motivation? How does your why play a pivotal role to help in regaining your lost motivation? How can your lost motivation be regained?  And you will come to know how much it is important to find the reason for your every action.


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Abdul Ghaffar

Abdul Ghaffar is an academic by nature and business expert by profession. He holds three master’s degrees in Public Administration, M.B.A. and language and literature. He is an entrepreneur, corporate trainer and motivational speaker. He has been awarded Gold Medal in Public Administration and also many accolades in his professional career. His writing skills in poetry and educational necessity demonstrate his academic fondness for education. He taught Business Management at Arab Open University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. WHY – Reason for every Action (2020) is his first book on motivation. His masterly expertise in finance, sourcing, education, marketing and social psychology amply reflects in the book. He is currently working in Healthcare Skills Training Institute of GE Healthcare, Saudi Arabia. 

He is president of International Board of Social and Education Trust, a social and educational organisation and member of many social organisations. His association with social organisation shows his keenness to help the needy people in the society. He has also associated with schools in India as well as International Indian schools in Saudi Arabia.

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