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Women In Islam- Exploring New Paradigms

by Moin Qazi

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Women in Islam: Exploring new Paradigms is a revolutionary book that explores the vast literature and canonical texts on the rights of Muslim women. The author argues that the revelation of Qur’an marked a watershed in the history of Muslim women. It empowered them in several ways. If women are oppressed today it is on account of factors extrinsic to Islam: had the true intent of the Qur’an been followed, there would have been gender equality, but this true intent was undermined by Arabian patriarchal practices and by imports from surrounding in egalitarian civilizations .He believes that the solution lies not in reforming but in rediscovering Islam. Differences regarding gender status are attributed primarily to the way the Qur’an has been predominantly interpreted, especially in the shari’a (holy law)

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Women In Islam- Exploring New Paradigms



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