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Words to Trade By

by Anirudh Sethi

Format: Paperback

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Trading in stocks is often seen as a sure-fire way to make a quick buck (or two). However, what most people don’t realise is that there is an art, a science and a discipline to this. Simply playing the markets will not help - you need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as some dos and don’ts. This book lays out some essential guidelines in simple bite-size points - a good starting point for anyone who is new to this field, and a reminder for old hands.

Anirudh Sethi, hails from Baroda, Gujarat, Western part of India. He is primarily a Technical Analyst and has been forecasting price-trends since years with very high degree of accuracy for stocks, commodities, currencies and all markets. His web-site www.anirudhsethireport.com is highly viewed and the majority of traders in India will not trade without going through his blog. His website also contains plenty of material on Investor/Trader psychology because he believes and has experienced that despite best forecasts in advance, most of the traders will mishandle the trade and end-up losing because they don’t train their psyche properly. To help them get oriented, he collected lot of stuff from varied sources of existing information and loaded them into his blog as regularly as possible. Many of the blog viewers have time and again requested him to compile them into a book form. Their appeals and his efforts have resulted into this book.



Words to Trade By





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