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Yes! I Can and I will - Full Colour Edition

Author Name: Shailesh Rathod | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details
Yes! i Can and i will”21 Indian Failure To Success Stories: Struggle, difficulties, failures are faced by everyone, in this world no one can say that they have been living struggle free life or they haven’t faced any failure yet, many think or many people have a myth that successful people become rich and successful because of their luck and they don’t face any failure or bad times, as I said it’s a myth, every individual in this world faces problem and failure, but the only difference between successful people and normal people is, that they never give up until and unless they don’t achieve what they always dreamed about. People become successful when they have strength and courage to stand up after falling and move on with the same vision which they had in their mind about their goals, As it says” FALLING DOWN IS AN ACCIDENT BUT STAYING DOWN IS A CHOICE.” And successful people never stay down they move on in order to achieve their dream and goals,today I will share India’s 21 successful people list who failed/struggle but didn’t give up and finally achieve their dream life and become successful.
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Shailesh Rathod

Shailesh Rathod is a well known writer, speaker, hard working and highly rated press reporter. He has earned the best teacher award by the education department of the Gujarat state for his noteworthy contribution and best educational services. He has written more than 31 books. He regularly writes articles in various newspapers.