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Yodha Dawn of the Warrior

by Kalpesh Pradip Vedak

Format: Paperback

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Three kingdoms. Two allies. One enemy. Three priests. A young prince and a princess in love. A warrior. A teacher with wisdom like nothing before. Yodha – The Dawn of the Warrior is a tale of love, betrayal, conspiracy, war and a quest for the truth. Two kingdoms have brokered a rather strong sense of peace to unite them – but all of a sudden, a seed of conspiracy is sown, and the peace between the nations is shaken up. A challenge to save love and a fight for supremacy. Will there be dawn of a new warrior, a new Yodha?

Kalpesh Vedak was born to Pradip and Pranali Vedak in the calm town of Vile Parle Mumbai in 1985. He completed his bachelor’s in telecom and works as a full time professional. He is married to Arti and they have a son Nachiket.

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Yodha Dawn of the Warrior





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