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You and Your World People Leadership section of Leading Self and Others Concept

Author Name: Venkatesh S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

A great leader is a good human, visionary, strategist, deeply connected, compassionate, empowering, and a forever learner. Written by VENKATESH S, “YOU AND YOUR WORLD” is an inspirational book that emphasizes the importance of ‘leading’ and ‘being a leader.’

This book explains the true meaning of leadership and how it affects our society, communities, and the people involved in our lives. It mentions every quality a leader should have, ways to practice them, and the benefits and drawbacks of each such personality trait. Based upon strong real-life incidents, it outlines the struggles of not being a ‘Leader’ in several situations and places such as our workplace, community, or at home. 

This book reflects upon various real-life experiences and stories with life lessons. It will play a crucial role in developing self-confidence, integrity, communication skills, and responsibility within the reader and is a handbook for someone struggling with these qualities. It also acknowledges that leadership isn't only about doing ‘big’ or successful things, neither is it about receiving honorary awards; it's about taking initiative and influencing people that will create a great impact in everyone's lives and eventually, become a legacy. Even after our mortal lives, we'll reside in the hearts of the people whose lives we've changed for the better or worse.

According to the book, “You don't have to be in an administrative position or an older member in the family to be a leader.”

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Venkatesh S

Venkatesh S is a Human Resources professional who has worked with many corporations and institutions to develop their employees through various training and keynote sessions on areas related to leadership development, teamwork, and personal mastery. He has authored and published “Just Reminding You” and “Rise To Lead You,” two critically acclaimed personal-development books.

He continuously performs extensive research on leadership and productivity improvement to support people to get better at what they do and enable them to influence others and guide them, thus creating an impact. He also conducts public training and workshops periodically. SOAS University of London certified him in Research Methodology




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