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You are the Hero of your Life Change the Quality of your Life

Author Name: Kanika Saxena | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This is a book about self-empowerment. The premise of this book is that only when you take care of yourself and your happiness, you will be able to give joy to others. 

We admire reel life heroes on the screen for what they do to save the world. But there is a real-life Hero in each one of us waiting to be unleashed. While the reel life heroes defeat villains in a make-believe world, we have real “villains” to conquer each day of our lives. These villains are aspects of life that impede us in the pursuit of our goals. We hinder our progress because of self-doubt, fear of failure, the opinion of others, etc. These are some of the villains we have to deal with.

In this book, the author has clearly explained the difference between reel life and real-life heroes; focused on the terminology of life like success and failure, goals, pain, luck, fate, destiny, etc. The book also focuses on how we can change their destiny if we take control of our lives instead of blaming people and our circumstances. The author has suggested a systematic approach to becoming a hero to save the world, in other words, make a difference in the world!

The book is written in simple language and conveys an important message.

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Kanika Saxena

Kanika Saxena is the Founder and CEO of the content marketing start-up The Writing Right. She has authored 5 books in the self-help genre. Kanika holds degrees in Engineering and Management. She has worked in diverse roles in her career. She has traveled extensively and visited over 20 countries. Kanika has lived in multiple cities in India and abroad. This exposure coupled with her interactions with people of different backgrounds and ethnicity has provided her valuable insights into the maladies of modern lifestyles. She raises awareness of issues impacting the lives of people. Kanika also suggests strategies to manage these issues. She has published 5 self-help books before You are the Hero of Your Life. Kanika is also the winner of several awards and accolades for her achievements. She is an incurable optimist who finds the silver lining in every dark cloud and she shares this approach to life with her books.



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