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Author Name: Khushboo Kar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

I thought he had spared me and let me go. I assumed he had left. I shut my eyes as I let myself sink into my chair. But then, I felt a gush of chilled shock on me. He splashed a glass of icy chilled water on my face and slapped me until I opened my eyes. Giving me a minute of rest, he then tore open a packet of my drug, powdered sugar, on my face. “This is what you need to stay awake, huh?” he said as he forcefully opened my mouth and sprinkled it in. I didn’t want to consume it. Passing out craving for it was better than giving in for it and staying up to bear torture.

The powder went into my nose and entered my mouth. I choked. The sugar gave a kick to my body, but made me feel even dizzier. My body didn’t understand what was happening with it. My brain froze, and I was lost. He stepped back and pulled out another small cylindrical container. It looked like my sugar. He put his fingers inside and pulled out a pinch of that powder.

I wondered what he was up to next. He started sprinkling it on the slits on my arm, on my wounds. It burnt like I was on fire. It was salt. I cried out for help, but there was no one who could help me. I moved vigorously but it was all in vain. The more I moved, the more he seasoned my scars with salt.


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Khushboo Kar

With her mind roving over the hazes, born in the booming city of Mumbai, Khushboo Kar penned down her first novel at the age of seventeen.

Growing up facing peer problems in her pre-teens, she wanted a world where characters would act the way she wanted them to. Khushboo is dramatic in expressions and poetic in grace. She knows how to touch hearts through her emotional depth of thoughts and thriller forte. The twists of her plots are as twisted, knotted and tousled as her messy hair could be. She is an author of suspense and passionate romance genres.

Apart from her avid love for writing, she is a great orator and has extraordinary acting skills.