Re-Start- A second chance to life
By Vidya Devadas Nair in Poetry | Reads: 118 | Likes: 0
Amidst the chaos, the mind finds it's solitude. What meant to be the end-note, Re-winds back to the prelude. Blissful moments that forgot their way, Managed to knock-out the tears, that mocked their stay. Swirling with the wind, Swaying with the breeze, Never before was life ever at this ease. Right  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 10:04 AM
Stone: Finding the Beauty
By REHEJA K A in Poetry | Reads: 77 | Likes: 0
The nature sparked thousands of fragments at    me, Calling me into the dense woods. I could see the creepy woods have grown to old, and The leaf no more of the present-day. The water still flows, carrying the essence of coldness. The fresh smog has immersed into the leaves, giving them a  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 01:22 PM
Days in Kerala
By Rohankompella in Romance | Reads: 132 | Likes: 1
"Days in Kerala"  "Continuation of Journey" “Day 1”  The days with one we love make a difference of life being daily.    It’s 2nd day after we reached Munnar, Kerala. The dawn of sun disturbs us every morning as usual.    Munnar in Kerala is one of the  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 07:08 PM
The music of night
By Shyamala in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 1
The music of night concert by the moon When the cool wind plays the flute The trees shake their heads cute. The long green weeds grown aside the bay become the violinist  Soulfully playing it to the finest.  Lost its sleep, the fish in the lake leaps out to beat the drum for a sake. But,  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 07:29 PM
A Cup Of Tea
By ramashery in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
You make your chief or cheap, It depends on your skill, knowledge. The people had made a great leap, Invented many things in college. Lack of practical wit proved a fool, Did many things never people imagine. at time of need didn’t appear cool, Committed silly mistakes while beginning. He earn  Read More...
Published on Jul 3,2020 08:44 PM
The days that passed
By Rashika Singhania in Poetry | Reads: 148 | Likes: 4
Sunset to sunrise, I lie. Each day  indolent than the other.  Writing keeps me sane Reading soothes Netflix and instagram  are my buddies so far Tea is the new tranquilizer. For days have passed And the vacations, Once wished for Are not so exhilarating  Anymore.   Read More...
Published on Jul 4,2020 11:28 AM
The blue crayon
By R. Andrila in General Literary | Reads: 185 | Likes: 3
I sit sidesaddle on the cement floor and handpick the pastels, carefully blending the shades on my drawing notebook as I listen to my mother speak to someone on the cordless phone. I feel her walk quickly to the other end of the room to take a peek outside of the house and I look up. She looks pale   Read More...
Published on Jul 4,2020 02:59 PM
Wooden staircase
By P. Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 124 | Likes: 1
Small wooden staircase that ended upto attic, Though no railing to hold but I climbed it very fast, Tread was sufficient for my little feet, But riser was enough to climb it in one go, Colour of staircase was neutral like natural wood, I just loved to play over it whenever I visited my granny's  Read More...
Published on Jul 4,2020 06:43 PM
My Heavenly Mansion
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 1
My Heavenly Mansion Oh my heavenly mansion! My family Joyful hearts, our togetherness lovely Happy to know, how we all grow It's never been materialistic but realistic.  A peace that requires no luxuries, takes me to new memories What a beautiful day it is! We make sure to add beauties A heaven  Read More...
Published on Jul 4,2020 09:30 PM
By N v Gandhi in General Literary | Reads: 120 | Likes: 1
          What is God??? There were the questions about God raising to everyone or maybe somebody who crosses critical otherwise unbearable situations in their life including myself too, it's not an big issue but it's common to every human being. We started asking questions   Read More...
Published on Jul 5,2020 07:18 PM
You !
By Aditi Chillal in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 0
Who are you really?  You are not a name  Or a height or a weight  Or a gender You are not an age   And you are not where you are from     You are your favourite books  And the songs stuck into your head   You are your thoughts  And what you  Read More...
Published on Jul 5,2020 07:42 PM
A gift of love
By Pranay Raj in Romance | Reads: 101 | Likes: 0
When I saw you for the first time it felt as if I've found a gift, a gift which I never intended to lose, the beauty in your misty eyes filled me with awe, like a rushing dart that pierced my heart making a place for you in it. Being around you felt as a beautiful as those peaceful skies, painted in  Read More...
Published on Jul 5,2020 09:51 PM
By Ritika Chowdhary in Poetry | Reads: 79 | Likes: 0
I entered into the world of love,  Like a white ray enters a triangular prism.  Just the way the ray gets deviated,  I too got deviated from my aim.  Splitting myself in different directions And loosing every colour that I once consisted.  What the world saw when I got split  Read More...
Published on Jul 5,2020 11:15 PM
A cocoa diary
By Avila Charles in Poetry | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0
Born from the cocoa bean to build the castle of bliss in your heart. I could be the solace in your chaos,  the music in your melancholy, the key to the world of ecstasy, soothe your anxiety and be the voice of your serenity.  My heart pops at the glance of your smile.  Shaped in a ba  Read More...
Published on Jul 6,2020 03:48 AM
Everything is Love
By Mirudhula Selvaraj in Poetry | Reads: 179 | Likes: 4
There was a boy named Peter. He was living in a house along with his grandmother in Paris. He loves her so much. Everyday his Granny used to tell stories to him. One day while Peter and his Granny were sitting in the veranda. His Granny fell him a story of a tree :'Jacaranda Mimosifola'. Peter was v  Read More...
Published on Jul 6,2020 11:47 AM