Shakur Tisekar

The author of this book is a retired senior IT engineer settled in Melbourne, Australia. After struggling with chronic diseases, the author embarked on a mission to improve his health through diet and lifestyle changes. Through extensive research, the author discovered a lot of conflicting advice and misinformation about nutrition and healthy eating, often making it difficult for the average person to make informed decisions. The author wrote this book to empower others to make healthy choices. The author demonstrated his work expertise by being a columnist for two weekly newspapers and publisRead More...


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The Diet Mysteries

Books by Shakur Tisekar

Are you tired of confusing diet advice and expensive medical treatments? What if the key to reversing chronic illnesses lies in simple lifestyle changes? Discover the inspiring stories of individuals who defied the odds and achieved healing through diet and exercise in "The Diet Mysteries: Simplifying Nutrition, Exercise, and Well-being."

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