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101 Parenting Affirmations

Author Name: Kidsstoppress Media Pvt Ltd | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Need a quick pat on your back to remind you how great you are doing on days you feel like the worst parent?  

This book is for you. Affirmations are really powerful if practised right and regularly. As parents, we want to give our kids and our family the best version of ourselves, but somewhere forget to be that for ourselves.

Pick up this book every morning and give yourselves that very required dose of positivity! This book along with others makes for a great present for new parents, a quick read for current parents, or a coffee-table conversation starter.

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Kidsstoppress Media Pvt Ltd

To quote the wise words of Buddha: What we think, we become.

Think you’re destined to fail and you will. But believe you’re in charge of your own success and you’ll achieve your dreams. Wishful thinking? Maybe not.

Telling yourself how awesome you are can seem bizarre but believe me it works. That is the power of positive affirmations.  Positive affirmations work by altering your thoughts. Your thoughts affect your mood and your actions which results in you feeling and acting in different ways. 

Let me be clear. You can’t use an affirmation like a magic spell. In other words, you can’t just say it and expect things to happen. I mean wouldn’t we all love to say, “I will be a millionaire tomorrow” and have it happen? Unfortunately, they don’t work like that. 

Basically, the positive affirmation affects your thoughts which then affects your actions causing you to make positive changes. Sounds right?

Did you know that th power of positive affirmations is actually backed by neuroscience? So humans are constantly thinking and that causes signs to be sent to th brain and in the release of neurotransmitters. These chemicals control virtually all of your body’s functions, including your mood and feelings. Now, what happens is that when we stay positive and repeat the same things over and over again activates the reward circuit in your brain and neuroscience studies have shown that via neuroplasticity,  your thoughts change your brain, your cells, and even your genes.

For example, when people practice gratitude, they get a surge of rewarding neurotransmitters, like dopamine and norepinephrine, and experience a general uplift of the mind. 





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