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7th Phone Call Impossible to Possible

by Narsimha Bhatt

Format: Paperback

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Revenge can be sweet.

Seven culprits, seven phone calls.

College student, Kaushik, is the son of an honest and straightforward IAS officer.

His father’s murder sets him on the path of revenge, making him hunt the seven culprits who had come together to plot and execute the evil deed.

How Kaushik, with the help of his friends, and lady love Meera, uses technology to kill, forms the crux of this exciting and racy novel.

The author uses dialogue and suspense to keep up the pace of narrative, even as the twists and turns keep you glued to the pages of the novel.

Can the police nab Kaushik?

Can Kaushik continue to elude the lawmakers?

Turn the pages to find out.

From an investment advisor to becoming an author, Narsimha Bhatt has made the transition beautifully. His first book Window to the Stock Market was very widely recognized. He has also co- authored other academic books.

As Head of Operations at Gurukul College of Management, he assists students in their achievements.

In his free time, he indulges in his love for writing as well as paintings.



7th Phone Call





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