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A Fast Buck Affair

by D P Ramachandran

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

A young corporate employee who found life lived within his means too dull and out to make a fast buck; two younger friends he roped in to join him with the lure of big money; A former paramilitary man with a dubious background, whose insatiable greed wouldn?t be quenched by the successful business he owned; one of his former colleagues desperate to rid himself of a disastrous wedlock that has pushed him to bankruptcy and be with the woman he loves; A soldier-turned killer ? An ex-convict for whom the prospect of violence appealed more than the money itself.

Their mission: To waylay and rob the cash van of a bank.

They had a good plot and it was well-executed? Till the fireworks began; they hadn?t bargained for it.

An explosive drama of action and intrigue, violence and passion, raging across two of India?s metros, Chennai and Mumbai.



A Fast Buck Affair



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