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A Health and Wellness Handbook 11 Secrets You Should Know to Save a Life

Author Name: Advika Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Quick! Can you answer the following to save a loved one's life?

1. An older adult is experiencing symptoms similar to cardiac arrest; how will you respond?

2. At a party, a young girl is choking. How will you save her?

3. You are travelling in a metro. A fellow traveller becomes drowsy and complains of weakness in the left side and numbness. Do you know what those symptoms indicate?

4. A drowning person is brought out of water. What is the first thing you will do?

5. You witness an accident on the road. What number will you dial and what will you do first?

6. While working in a garden, your domestic helper gets bitten by a snake. What will you do?

If you cannot answer one or more of these questions correctly, then this book is for you!

Here is what you will learn from this book:

How to wake up early even if you just feel like curling in bed and sleeping for another hour?
How to make your boring exercise routines fun and interesting?
How to completely stop binging on those late-night junk foods?
How to stay in shape and healthy without needing to go on a diet?
How to look more attractive by just changing your sitting and standing posture?
How to save the life of victims from choking, stroke, cardiac arrest, snake bites and many more?
Whom to call and what to do during emergencies?
List of essential articles you need to keep at home. 

This is the only book which is based on real-life scenarios voluntarily shared by people who suffered emergencies and interviews of health experts.

The book prepares you for holistic health, health issues and life-threatening medical emergencies.

This book enriches you with the knowledge and skills and prepares you to identify a medical emergency.

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Advika Singh

Advika, a 12-year-old girl, is a keen observer. She understands the problems of a common man and tries to help them in her ways. She is a straight forward, motivated and dedicated child, who has a deep interest in medical science, dreams of being a doctor and helping many people worldwide. Her father is a doctor who is her inspiration and role model. She can easily express her thoughts on a piece of paper in a simple language. She likes to play chess and has represented her country in many championships.

This book aims to create a better bonding and relationship between health care and common man to help people understand health, health-related issues, simple solutions and preventions for them. The book has been written and compiled with great effort. Advika interviewed many people, including health experts, to understand the public's problems and worked on their feedback to provide simple expertise solutions.

She has been listening to many incidents and medical emergencies by her father since childhood and understood the problems which inspired her to write a book which would help the people. Helping and supporting people is her primary goal which gives her immense pleasure. Advika agrees that a book alone might not solve all the problems. Still, she believes that her sincere efforts could inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If this book saves a few lives; it will be a great success for humanity.