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A Moment of Weakness

by Shivkumar Mohite

Format: Paperback

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Darshan, a family man, gets involved with his housemaid as she ensnares him for blackmail assisted by his wily husband and his friends. Darshan’s private detective friend helps him to get out of that situation but things get complicated when a man with underworld and political connection helps the blackmailers. Soon the situation gets out of hand as Darshan’s children are abducted and taken to an isolated place in the desert. It now depends on Darshan, his family and his friend to get the children back safely.

I am sixty-three, a retired senior manager from the Airports Authority of India. Retired and settled at Rajkot. Served in the Indian Railways for five years before that. I have been writing some short stories, few of them published in magazines and newspapers. I have also been writing some blogs and comments in the TOI. 



A Moment of Weakness





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