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A Wake Up Call from the Anaesthesiologist! Stories from the Operation Theatre- Education Initiative for the Public

Author Name: Vasanthi Vidyasagaran | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Imagine a world without anaesthesia. From tooth extraction to painless births and complex organ transplants, medical science has advanced in leaps and bounds thanks to advancements in the field of anaesthesia. Although less celebrated, anaesthesia has been and always will be a major pillar of support to medical science.

Today, the most complex surgeries that were once beyond human imagination are possible due to parallel developments in the field of anaesthesia. Overall care for the patient when surgery is in progress, form the essence of anaesthetic practice. Having to undergo a surgical procedure is stressful to the patient and their family members. While the anaesthetist helps keep the patient sedated and comfortable during the surgery, oftentimes, it is the relatives waiting outside the operating room who are filled with anxiety. This book is an attempt to let you, the reader, catch a glimpse of what really happens inside the operation theatre and help allevite some of those concerns.. Do read on and understand the significance of anaesthesia and the crucial role of an anaesthetist.

With an overarching passion for the field, the author has highlighted many interesting cases that required thorough knowledge of the subject and high levels of skill to ensure a successful outcome. These stories from the operating room are sure to be informative and engaging to readers from all backgrounds.

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Vasanthi Vidyasagaran

Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran is a consultant anaesthetist who has been practicing anaesthesia in Chennai for nearly four decades. She graduated from Madras Medical College and joined government service to make a contribution to anaesthetic practice and teaching. She has worked in all three teaching medical colleges in the city. She retired from her alma mater as Director of the Institute of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Chennai. During her tenure in government service, she has taught innumerable students with a keen focus on quality and safety in anaesthesia practice.

She has conducted many public awareness programmes including radio talks, television interviews, and write-ups in popular Tamil and English newspapers. An experience that she deeply cherishes is having had one of her programmes attended by the famous writer Sujatha who later wrote about it in the Tamil magazine Anantha Vikatan. She has also conducted a beach walk in which more than 200 anaesthetists participated. Through the interesting and thought-provoking anaesthetic experiences narrated in this book, Dr. Vasanthi aims to further reach out to the public and empower her audiences with essential knowledge regarding this unique medical specialty.



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