Indie Author Championship #6

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Abdul and Raj

Author Name: Buchi Ramarao Velury | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Raj and Vaidehi, though not a perfect couple, were happy and contented. But their relationship slowly digressed towards an unbridgeable chasm. Vaidehi doubted his fidelity and questioned him often. That night the storm that hit the city also impacted the lives of Raj and Vaidehi. But does Raj go to the extreme of strangulating her?

It has been a fortnight since Shabnam contacted Abdul. The operator said, “The number you dialled is out of reach.” Abdul is now worried. He has to risk his lucrative job in Saudi to find the whereabouts of his ladylove with no clue of her address. He is sure Allah, the Compassionate, will find a path for him. But time is running out.

Raj is cornered. The Inspector threatens to take him into custody unless he agrees to his outrageous suggestion. What will he do? How does Raj escape arrest? Can Abdul find Shabnam? Does faith and love triumph over greed and deceit?

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Buchi Ramarao Velury

Buchi Ramarao Velury is not a writer by profession. He retired as the Vice President – Marketing of a global organisation based in Mumbai. He took up his passion for writing at the ripe age of 75. The pandemic helped by confining him to the library of his retirement home in Bengaluru.

This book is not his first as an author of fiction; he wrote one novelette with a corporate event as the background. However, this can be considered his debut novel – the huge canvas of love, deceit, trickery and faith. He poured out into his book all of his corporate experience of dealing with various people and organisations and travels that took him to far corners of the country. 

Buchi Ramarao Velury lives with his wife in the serene surroundings of a retirement home in Bengaluru. He is a father of two highly accomplished children.