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Across Oceans and Wars A Tale of Friendship during World War II

Author Name: Janaki Nair | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the heart of a war-torn world, amidst the shadows of World War II, the light of friendship shines through in the story of Mary and Mark. Mary, a girl with a heart full of dreams, who had to relocate cross country during World War 2, finds her world turned upside down when the war arrives at her doorstep. In a city of complete strangers, she meets Mark, a spirited young boy, seeking solace in the rolling countryside of Poland. Their paths cross under the most unlikely circumstances, bringing a glimmer of joy to the sombre landscape. Together, they embark on a journey of camaraderie, discovering the power of laughter, hope, and resilience. Mary and Mark’s friendship blossoms, teaching them that even during the darkest times, human connections can light the way. How Mary’s life gets impacted with war and how she survives unexpected challenges and takes care of her family is the central theme. 

"Across Oceans and Wars: A Tale of friendship during World War II" is a touching narrative that captures the innocence of youth against the backdrop of history's most profound adversity. It's a reminder that friendships, forged in the fires of shared trials, can become the strongest bonds, outlasting the turmoil of war and the passage of time. Join Mary and Mark as they prove that while wars are fought between nations, peace is built through the hearts of children.

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Janaki Nair

Janaki Nair (She/Her) is a fifth grader who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is an avid reader with topics ranging from fiction, non-fiction, Indian culture, mysteries, non-profits, women empowerment etc. She spends her free time reading, playing badminton, cycling and exploring kid friendly business opportunities. 

Janaki is passionate about establishing continuous engagement with society, humanitarian efforts, sustainability projects, and youth empowerment.  Along with her brother Jagan Nair, she co-founded non-profit organization "Engage Youth Foundation" ( and is committed to get involved in social and humanitarian causes. Janaki has a goal of publishing one book every year.