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Against All Evens

by Subash Anjuru

Format: Paperback

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Not everybody’s lives are smooth or proceed as planned. People feel that their lives have become messy. But it is only after surviving such phases, do they realize that, what has happened was an exciting ride….

Against All Evens is one such story where a boy and girl meet, fall in love. Eventually, their destiny plays a spoilsport to which they have to bow down. But just when everything seems to be finished, the same destiny decides to honor their love and never lets them get separated.

Against All Evens is not just a love story. It’s a story about freedom of the self and the ultimate fight to achieve it.

Subash Anjuru is a software professional who is currently working with a reputed IT company. He has not written much before, except for a few blog posts. He wants to express himself through his writing, mainly targeting today’s younger generation, who have been victims of ideas like honor, grace, pride, right, wrong, good, bad etc., and their definitions. He wants the youngsters to break out from all those shackles and become free, even if it means fighting against all those who are bound by those definitions. Subash believes in following his heart and living the life by its moments. His interests include spirituality, cooking, blogging and recently, creating crazy and funny dub smash videos. Against All Evens is the first ever book which he has written and it is inspired by his perception of life.



Against All Evens





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