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Anyone but the Spouse! Short Stories

Author Name: Poornima Malagimani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Poornima's stories portray her keen observation and insights into a woman's psyche and depict the dynamics in a very palpable manner. In the title story, she has captured the moments of ennui, boredom staleness and predictability of married life with great vividness and a whiff of freshness; it has elements of a thriller and the suspense is built up bit by bit to climb to a crescendo. The reader is intrigued and pleasantly surprised to identify with these feelings and the characters.

Sulekha Kumar, Freelance writer, Columnist, Books reviewer

Candid, yet sublime interpretations of the relationships, highlighting illusions of love and loyalty; emphatic affirmation towards the end of the stories is developed naturally by the reader.

Dr. Radhamani Gopalakrishnan, Former Professor of English, SV University, Tirupati

Written at everyday conversational level, these stories assert traditional love in modern background revealing truths we have been refusing to see. The simple yet thought provoking plots leave the readers amazed and engrossed totally in the ultimate analysis.

Nirmal Joshi, Author of ‘Kick out the Teacher’ and ‘Wah Bharat’

Only space can ensure togetherness in any relationship; but what if that space becomes emptiness? Meet this couple who panic when they realise how effortless it is to associate words like love, romance and sex with anyone but the spouse; A college girl’s disillusion while attempting to understand the nuances of love; A husband who walks an extra mile to make his wife redeem her life; A teenager trades her womb to save her fragile love; At thirty-five, with receding hairline and obesity, a man is startled when his college beauty queen tries to seduce him; Can the love born out of sympathy survive?

Anyone but the Spouse! is a collection of few such stories that might be happening around us but are eclipsed by casual domesticity and are waiting to be accepted.

You can follow the author at www.poornimamalagimani.com


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Poornima Malagimani

Poornima Malagimani has composed poems, stories and articles in Kannada, Hindi and English. She blogs at malagimanipoornima.wordpress.com

Her script, ‘Pretty Woman and Safe Men’ was shortlisted in romance script writing competition by NDFC-2014. Anyone but the Spouse! is her first book to be published and she is working on her second book, a novel, titled ‘The Class Apart’

She has served as an electronics engineer in the Prestigious Indian Air Force as a Short Service Commissioned Officer and presently working with the Govt. of India.

When she is not writing she likes reading fiction, travelling, Chess, movies, music and hanging out with friends. She lives with her husband Vijay and daughter Poorvi in Bangalore.