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Back to the Future

by Sahil Sood

Format: Paperback

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Back to the future takes us back and forth to a wholly magical and technologically advanced world where individuals are capable of attaining the power of seeing the future through the re­flection of their minds. Millenniums and centuries ago there lived a group of people who mastered the art of predicting the future and started using it for the goodwill of the society. The era blossomed where people lived harmoniously in a techno culturally advanced society.

Over the years, this practice grew enormously and a time came when it was being used as a powerful weapon for its own benefits. To avoid the devastation that this advancement could havoc and also to ensure that it does not go to the wrong hands, the great sage created a different world for these positive and super eminent people to continue the practice in a different land where it was impossible to reach humans. Therefore, such a land gets created that is not only rich in culture but technologically hundreds of centuries advanced than the existing world.

The vow of the sage however brings the future generation king of Manasvin to the current world and there gets born the seed of transition between the two worlds.

What will happen when the two worlds (One techno culturally advanced and other with self-centered interests) meet? How do people embark on the technology that is centuries ahead of their time?

The book explains the need of advancement of innovation through the mindset of self-indulgent people whose egoism is larger than the real dimensions of the world.

Sahil Sood is a Marketing and Business Performance professional who lives in Mumbai and has an explicit interest about writing modern age innovations. Back to the future is his first debut novel that phenomenally joins the path between the history and future society.



Back to the Future





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