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Balcony Queen

by Mangesh Diwane

Format: Paperback

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If you are reading "Balcony Queen (Based on true story)", then you definitely must be a victim of the 'VICIOUS MASCULINE ADVENTURE' called 'LOVE'. When Cupid strikes ambition, career and studies take a backseat. Life becomes a roller-coaster when the girl next door is the most coveted DAMSEL in this part of the world.

Going from engraving her name to impressing her was even more herculean than crossing a river in Burma.

How does asimpletonget galvanized into an 'APPLE BOY'?

Is all this enough for her to be impressed?

Does mere blushing in the balcony since childhood culminate in a heavenly bond?

Or does life keep meandering infinitely through this emotional landscape?

Mangesh is a cyclist, guitarist, blogger & an excellent cook.

He is called as "think tank" among his friends and even at work place.

His passion towards automobiles persuaded him to do Mechanical engineering. To bring more excellence to his career he did an MBA in operations. He worked with various automobile companies in last five years.

His innovative thought process will bring real fun and madness to our life.

After successfully blogging for the last six years, he decided to come up with this novel.

I wish him all the best for his upcoming works.



Balcony Queen





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