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Bangalore Chronicles: A Kidnap

by Vinay Ramakrishna

Format: Paperback

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Vishu and his three friends, Sivu, Avi and Srini are your regular happy-go-lucky college goers. Life seems like fun at Engineering College, when six months into the course, Sivu, Avi and Srini go missing.

Vishu is frantic: he must find them. He takes the help of the girl who steals his heart, Akhila, and a kindly Inspector, Aditya Shetty. He looks for them everywhere.

What he finds, will change his life.

Vinay Ramakrishna, a postgraduate from CMU, Pittsburgh, is a software engineer by profession. He is also an avid trekker, a photographer and a passionate writer.

He found himself in the city of Bangalore embarking the journey of his dreams and sharing with others his thoughts through short stories and poems.

The mysterious and gripping story "Bangalore Chronicles: A Kidnap" is his first novel.



Bangalore Chronicles: A Kidnap





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