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Be the Pilot of your life Strategies and Techniques for a Clutter-free life

Author Name: Smruthi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

What are the main challenges that readers of this book face?

When you are overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and find yourself with so little time left, you try to work around the clock to make ends meet. Sometimes, you try to stay on top of things, yet there are things that slip through the cracks. You feel thwarted, disheartened and powerless about how you organise time around your priorities.


If you are trying to regain balance in your life, this book is for you!


You will learn the following:

·       How to easily overcome  barriers standing between you and your goals

·       How to eliminate chaos and introduce order when you interact with others

·       How to develop a clear purpose in life that inspires you every day

·       How to work around your priorities without missing out on important events in your life


Can you describe what the readers’ future will be like? 

·       The readers will be able to envision themselves as focused individuals, making progress in areas that matter the most to them.  

·       By being present in the moment, they will be able to strike a unique balance between achieving their goals while enjoying the process that leads to success.

Imagine looking forward to actively enjoying the outdoors with energy to spare and not worrying about unfinished tasks.

Each and every point of view in this book are echoes of awe-inspiring experienced professionals in the field of productivity and therefore don’t belong to me.

The reader is empowered to use anything I’ve written and reproduce as long as it makes their life easier.

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Smruthi has received training directly from Michael Beale and Vikram Dhar.


She is an ICF Accredited leadership coach.


Smruthi has designed and developed programmes to help individuals in peak performance, goal setting, self-management, stakeholder management, open communication, building rapport, dealing with difficult people, overcoming resistance among individuals, building confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs with the help of language patterns,  improving one’s ability to influence, overcoming internal and external conflict


Smruthi has worked with many leaders and helped them through their transformation journey.