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Beyond a Mysterious Journey Spirits of Time

Author Name: Madhuparna Suman | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Beyond A Mysterious Journey is a story like no other. It takes you into the simple lives of our heroes, Nandini and Neelkand, who are tired of living an ordinary life. They decide to go on a vacation in the beautiful country of Georgia.

While enjoying the beautiful landscapes and foods that the country has to offer, a trip to an abandoned castle will change their life forever. The couple gets caught in a series of supernatural events that send them into the past and change their future forever. All while enjoying the company of an unusual friend.


Embark on this journey of fantasy, history and a lot of magic. This is an adventure that keeps you on your toes, traveling in time and nature without any restraints. Watch out your feet, because you never know where the adventure will carry you on!

Paperback 250

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Madhuparna Suman

Aparna S A is a creative software engineer, and currently, a home engineer turned into a writer. She writes under the pen name Madhuparna Suman. Light reading is her greatest passion. Like her writing style, her reading preference is also light reading stuff mostly. Philosophy, mythology, inspirational and story books are her favourites. She is passionate about seeing things from a different angle. Writing is her weapon to communicate with the world as she’s an introvert.

Traveling and watching movies are her other interests. She has authored other books in her career - a fiction novel and a quotes book. She is basically a storyteller. They’re perfect examples of Madhuparna’s skill in inspiring and motivating readers to see their life in a different way and face life with their chins up.