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Bhootwale Panditji

by Shashi Goyal

Format: Paperback

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Bhootwale Panditji is a collection of small stories with wit and humor entangled with each other. Humor is like a morning sun’s glory that gives us freshness, and makes us feel fresh from inside for a while that we forget the malignity of world .Great Humorists like Birbal ,Mulla Naseeruddin etc were the problem solvers of their kingdoms. Our life is full of suspense, thrill and small incidents. Some of them tickle us; some are so hilarious that we whistle at them. A new world of laughter is before us.

How we can solve the problems in daily life by using wit?

Gaddeka is such a story in which heartrending moments took place of laughter .Natkhatchand and Kuye main chand are stories that have the foolishness of innocents. Few other stories are full of instances that use wit to win over cunningness.


Bhootwale Panditji





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