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Caste Fraud Who Exposed My Perfect Fraud of Caste Concealment in Brahma Vivaha (The Ideal Hindu Marriage) and How?

Author Name: Jyotivah Jyotson | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Caste Fraud is the story of my caste concealment in Brahma Vivaha:an ideal Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) marriage. I, a low-caste shudra man concealed my lower caste and married an upper-caste Brahmin woman posing as an upper-caste Brahmin. I committed this caste fraud as I was unable to find a suitable woman from my caste for marriage in America. In doing so I broke the absolute laws of the Chaturvarna caste order founded upon and perpetuated for eternity through endogamous Brahma Vivaha.

When an anonymous person exposed my perfect caste fraud to my wife, I killed her and was caught by the cops for her murder. I pleaded guilty in a court of law as I didn’t want to reveal my caste fraud to the world. I resigned to my fate but destiny intervened when I lost a bet on the outcome of the presidential election of 2008. In losing the bet, I realized the truth of America’s founding principle that all men are created equal and the lie of inequality of the Chaturvarna caste order. Imbued with the truth, I wanted to reveal my caste fraud to the world.

But will the revelations about my caste fraud in the court help Americans understand that the inequitable Chaturvarna caste order is founded upon and perpetuated for eternity by the infinite bond of Brahma Vivaha?

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