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Competitive Microbiology For CSIR NET, IIT GATE, ICAR, ICMR, AIIMS and all the Indian Universities' Entrance Examinations

by Sartaj A. R. Shaikh

Format: Paperback

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The book has thousands of questions that cover all the areas of microbiology that starts from basics of microbiology and ends with most promising branches like biochemistry and molecular biology, with extensive questioning on deep and vital topics like genetics, medical microbiology and environmental microbiology.

Everything in a single book for medical students, microbiology, biotechnology and life sciences students for their academic preparations of university entrance exams and national exams like CSIR NET, IIT GATE, ICAR, ICMR, and covers the academic syllabus of Indian universities in a simple and sophisticated language with thousands of additional questions for practice.

“If you are a real aspirant of competitions, just look in the mirror, you will find everyone in second place… except you.”


Sartaj Shaikh is an Assistant professor and author in microbiology, former student of Indian Science Congress, who has completed his Masters in Microbiology from SRTMU along with CSIR NET and IIT GATE in life sciences and biotechnology respectively, His first book is titled Microbiology a text and competitive guide. He has participated and worked as a committee member in National conferences, seminars, symposium and workshops in life sciences, microbiology, biotechnology, environmental sciences and genetics. Since his college days, he has won many prizes in group discussions and debate competitions, which laid the foundation in his mind to become an author in competitive exams to raise the standard of aspiring students, teachers and beloved readers. He feels delighted to present this work as a tribute to competitive examinations in life sciences.



Competitive Microbiology





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