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Cosmic Reality Understanding space, time, and Einstein’s universe

Author Name: Vrushank Agrawal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Ever wondered if you could control time by regulating the speed of your spaceship? What if you could tune in and listen to the secrets of the universe? Wouldn’t it be awesome to travel through space and time via a hole?

Cosmic Reality, a book complete with captivating thought experiments, paradoxes, and analyses, introduces one of the most important works of the modern era, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and its implications while taking a completely different tack at explaining reality and changing our world view about how the cosmos works. Filled with sublime humor and wisdom, the book articulately explains the concepts of space, time, and the evolution of the universe while also introducing enigmatic cosmic objects and events, which remain oblivious to the general onlooker.

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Vrushank Agrawal

Vrushank Agrawal is an eighteen-year-old who has cultivated the dream of exploring the final frontier – space since he was only six years old. Studying Einstein’s theories from the age of 14, in a quest to understand the nature of reality, he is passionately motivated about spreading his knowledge to a broader audience by sharing ideas on space, time, and the universe. His purpose behind writing the book is to bring the reader’s awareness to the workings of the cosmos while also instilling a yearning to question reality. In addition to being a national-level Olympiad scholar, he has explored his passion for physics by delving into professional research namely in the field of electromagnetic wave interactions with matter. Pursuing his equally unbridled passion for music, he loves to play, improvise, and study the physics of his guitar while listening to Metallica and Imagine Dragons.



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