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Creation of Universe God or Big Bang

Author Name: Prof (Lt Col) Keerthi Kumar Patangay | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The book is about dealing with atheist book of Samkya Sutra and its interpretation of creation. In the chapter 2 on Astronomy author has included references from Rig Veda on Solar system and gravity, Surya Sidhanta on sidereal movement of earth and also on gravity. Author quotes creation of Universe from Rig Veda X:129, by Pujya RL Kashyap, Taitereya samhita, Stephen Stunned ‘s understanding of Nadya sukta from Rig Veda X:129. Author also includes creation of Universe as per Brihadarnaya and Aiteriya Upanishads. Various other Upanishads dealing with Creation of Universe. Manvantara theory of solar evolutioh, Speed of light as per Rig Veda and Hindu unit of time. Biblical Doctrine of Creation by Rev Dr G Wright Doyle and a chapter from Quran on creation is also included. Then scientific evidence such as Big Bang, Quantum physics professing that Universe always existed, then Universe from nothing are included. In the last chapter- Conclusion author rebuts Samkya Sutra with various references from Bhagwad Gita, Upanishads, Brahma Sutra and Bible. The author also rebuts Big Bang theory. Author tries to draw parallel between quantum mechanics and spirituality.

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Prof (Lt Col) Keerthi Kumar Patangay

Author is retired From Army Medical Corps as Classified Specialist in Otology after serving Indian Army for 22 years. Opted for Premature Retirement in Jan 1994. There after set up practice. In 2003 joined academia directly as Prof of ENT & Head, Neck Surgery in Kamieni Institute of Medical Sciences Narketpally till May 2012. Used to commute 200 kms up and down in mini bus provided by the Institute. Continued in academia till 13 Mar 2017, and finally relieved on request from Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad on 13 Mar 2017. Author loves to play golf but had to give up due to severe back problem. He is a keen numinist and takes special interest in collecting British India silver coins.



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