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Crunchies–1 A book of little love notes, a little pain and all that’s left unsaid.

Author Name: Anamika Sha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Love. We all go through different phases of it. We all experience different forms of it. For what I’ve known love to be, I believe it is built over two pillars.

1. Efforts

2. Reassurance

A mutual exchange of these two pillars serving a balanced vehicle to travel a long way is what it takes for peace to bless the love we fall into.

But it can’t really be 50-50% anyways, can it ?

But an 80 : 20% or lesser or more shouldn’t be constant either. Staying in such bonds tends to drain you of love and energy.

And when I went through it, CRUNCHIES was born.

Crunchies - a product of  the love ratio 80:20. Consisting 7 chapters ranging from pleasure to pain; holding thoughts and counter thoughts; love notes and arguments; love and disgust; from holding on to giving up - a summary of all the un-delivered messages supposed to reach him who never reads - neither messages nor books.

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Anamika Sha

As an avid reader and an aspiring writer, the author always harbored the dream of sharing her words with the world. After dabbling in fiction, she found her true voice in poetry, resulting in her debut book - CRUNCHIES - a collection of poems under the pseudonym Anamika Sha.

Inspired by her mother’s literary legacy, Anamika explores themes of love and spirituality, drawing inspiration from authors like Ashish Bagrecha and Chetan Bhagat.

Choosing to write under a pseudonym, allows her the freedom to express without constraint, while also maintaining a sense of mystery and universality. Beyond writing , she’s a medical student, a guitar player and spiritually inclined individual certified in Pranic healing and Tarot reading.

With her debut book, Anamika Sha invites readers on a transformative journey and looks forward to exploring new literary horizons.