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Decoding Human Psyche Witnessing Transformation of Humans into Homo Deludus, The Delusional one

Author Name: Dr Rohit Kale | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Have you ever wondered:

Why you keep opening your phone for updates? Why it’s easy to be a couch potato in front of the TV but is extremely difficult to do early morning exercise? Why New Year resolutions fail?

Why you hate your boss? Why your wife goes shopping? Why people take selfies? Why children won’t listen? Why parents shout at them?

Why some people are climate change deniers while others deny biodiversity crisis or extinction crisis? Why there is no consensus yet on what to do for them?

Why some people are Republicans/Democrats? Why some support Modi while others are Left-liberals? Why people hate or have become intolerant to ideologies that oppose their core beliefs?

Why people troll on Twitter? Why people follow some people while blocking others?

How beliefs form? How they evolve? How they make our mind biased into thinking in one direction and making wrong choices? Why it is difficult to think out of the box?

Why different people perceive the same things differently? How people get disillusioned into believing any nonsense? When repeated often, why it forms an illusion of reality in their mind?

Decoding Human Psyche aims to answer many such questions related to human psychology. It aims to help you understand why people believe what they believe and behave the way they behave – to master the art of understanding people and relations and making sense of the world around us and make better choices.

The book also looks at “how this psychological crisis (delusional tendency) is at the core of causation of all the crises like climate change that humanity is facing.” 

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Dr Rohit Kale

Rohit Kale is an Orthopaedic Surgeon based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Apart from his mastery with the blade to heal, he takes his mind off things out in the green being an avid nature lover. Writing is one of his passions and this is his attempt in not only pursuing that but also providing people with insights in psychological behaviour.