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Doying A collection of myths and folktales of the Adis

by Ponung Ering Angu

Format: Paperback

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The folktales are wrapped in an air of pulsating saga and mysteries replete with romance, bravery, mysterious encounters with the unknown and also fantasy elements such as spirit possession and haunting.

Before reading the folktales, you need to understand that the Adis, a major tribe from Arunachal Pradesh, consider everything animate or inanimate to having an existential life which goes through the process of creation, procreation and regeneration even after its demise.

Most folktales contain the regenerative element where a dead body or a severed part of a body can regenerate and metamorphose into an entirely different entity having a life on its own!

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Ponung Ering Anguhailsfrom Pasighat, a small town in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. She is working as an officer in the department of women and child development in the state and has two self-published books to her credit: Whispers from the Mountains – a book of poems – and Strewn Petals – a collection of short stories.

Most of the folktales in this book are drawn from a repository of stories that she used to hear from her uncles and aunts, which awakened her interest in folktales that are gradually getting lost today with the advent of modern means of entertainment.








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