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Ek Doctor Aisa Bhi / एक डॉक्टर ऐसा भी Sansmaran / संस्मरण

Author Name: Arvind Dubey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

This book is a collection of memoirs of the life of my father, Dr. Har Narayan Dubey, who was an accomplished doctor, and a human being par excellence. Although a very dedicated and successful Orthopaedic surgeon, in his later years he took to exploring other areas of alternative medicine, especially Homeopathy, in which he got wonderful results from his patients. As a result, he came to be regarded deeply by the people whose lives he happened to touch. 

Apart from his medical skills, his inspirational extraordinary courage and benevolence came to the fore during his services in the Second World War, which was acknowledged by his superiors. His unconditional love and kindness for humanity were evident, not only in his profession but also in his personal life. It took me my whole life to decipher the deeper and wider meaning of his simple personality and life, which indeed has been my beacon of light. 

This compilation which recounts some of the events of his life is a tribute to my father, a doctor and an exceptional human being, whose life is an inspiration to me and many others.

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अरविंद दुबे

क्या कोई ऐसा डॉक्टर ऐसा भी हो सकता है – 

1. सिविल सर्जन होते हुए भी जिसके पास car तो छोड़िये, एक two wheeler तक न हो? 
2. जो अपने ही बेटे का operation खुद करे (अमूमन medical field में doctors अपनों का operation नहीं करते हैं) और सफलतापूर्वक करे? 
3. जो एक हादसे में घायल हुए अपने बेटे को दूसरे चिकित्सक के हवाले कर, खुद ज़्यादा गंभीर घायलों की चिकित्सा में जुटा हो? 
4. जो एक गंभीर हालत में लाये गये मरीज़ की emergency सर्जरी करने के लिये अपनी बेटी का कन्यादान खुद न करके किसी और से करवाये?
5. जो सुबह अपने घर में अपने नवजात पोते को दफ़नाने के कुछ ही देर बाद निर्धन और असहाय मरीज़ों को निशुल्क चिकित्सा देने में कार्यरत हो जाये? 

जी हाँ, एक ऐसा भी डॉक्टर था और यह पुस्तक उसी डॉक्टर के प्रियजनों के संस्मरणों पर आधारित है।



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