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English Grammar Gita An Inclusive Study of Noun, Pronoun and Verb

Author Name: Ravishankar S Subnis | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

English Grammar Gita is an indispensable book for the readers who study English as a second or foreign language. This volume is a complete study of the three word classes, namely noun, pronoun and verb, covering all their categories comprehensively.  The strength and one of the features of this book is more than 5000 examples for clarification in the formal language, and whenever necessary, informal sentences are also bracketed. The volume contains more than 80 tables for the complete understanding of the grammatical items. English Grammar Gita is a perspective of a teacher who faces common problems with the students while teaching English grammar in the classroom. Every page of this book will prove to be a eureka moment for the reader.


English Grammar Gita shows how the word classes are the matter of the detailed study. It ponders over noun, pronoun and verb in the most marathon way. Mr. Ravishankar Subnis, the researcher, has given his whole, having in mind the problems foreign learners may have while learning grammar. The awesome quality of English Grammar Gita is that ‘it is the root towards root’. When the reader goes through the great fair of sentences, their long stroll will be very smooth and without any obstacle. The language learners have the satisfied banquet of three word classes which preludes the infinity of the Queen’s language. 

-          Mahesh Pendke (Teacher of English)

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Ravishankar S Subnis

Ravishankar Sitarampant Subnis has been working as a teacher of English for the last 20 years. His area of interest is English grammar and literature. He has extensively researched English grammar. English Grammar Gita is his first book and three volumes are upcoming.