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Essentials of Information Technology Law

by Sujata Pawar, Yogesh Kolekar

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

This book describes various concepts associated with Information Technology law with great clarity and up to date information in lucid style and easy to understand language. It gives easy insight into key concepts of cyber law as well as technology with practical illustrations and examples. It has remarkable educative value authenticated by deep research with further references appropriately acknowledged.

The book first introduces the reader to the important provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000 along with amendments and then further informs reader about intricacies of technical and legal aspects with precision as well as clarity. Chapters are arranged from viewpoint of readers, according to their utility in their day to day life. The screenshots of web portals help reader in easily understanding the context. The important topics of significant practical use like emails and offences related to email, digital signature, e-governance in India, digital evidence etc. have been elaborately discussed.

This book is designed primarily as a reference book for the students, lawyers, police officers and those responsible for investigation of cyber crimes, government officers implementing e-governance,

m-governance and for candidates appearing for various competitive and banking exams. However even lay man would find it simple, interesting and full of informative value. It can be used by anyone as handbook in understanding the Information Technology law in India.



Essentials of Information Technology Law





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