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Everyday Ayurveda / Everyday Ayurveda An illustrated book with a wonderful understanding of Ayurvedic home remedies

Author Name: Shailesh Rathod | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details
This book suggests an Ayurvedic treatment of the plants and household items around us.Just as people are increasingly thinking about where their food comes from - and looking for greater control over their food sources - they are also seeking to take greater control of their health care. With health care costs soaring and the frightening list of side effects from pharmaceutical drugs continuing to build, many are looking to herbal medicine for a gentler, less expensive approach to treating everyday ailments. This title covers 100 common plants-Herbs that can be grown nearly anywhere and used in a variety of ways, including familiar plants such as -garlic,Echinacea,,Agastya,haldi,zerz,tulsi,Amalaki,Ardraka,burdock,lavanga,jambu,nettles, and chamomile. It includes step-by-step instructions for drying and preserving herbs and for making the most common herbal preparations, including salves, syrups, tinctures, pills, and capsules. A fully illustrated reference guide on medicinal plants-herbs and identity of the Ayurvedic herbs, names in different languages, photos, scientific names and the use of diseases in medicine and more than 100 plants-herbs from around the world.
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Shailesh Rathod

Shailesh Rathod Journalist,Public Speaker,Writer and Award Winning Teacher Shailesh Rathod is a well known writer, speaker, hard working and highly reporter. He has earned the best teacher award by the education department of the Gujarat state for his noteworthy contribution and best educational services.He has written more than 43 books. Shailesh Rathod is the founder of Srushti Foundation and OmegaEducation(Gujarat-INDIA). He has received the Jawaharlal Nehru National Award for his "High-Tech Town" science project. His service work has been honored by several organizations. He has a direct connection with the citizens of the society. Which makes the truth sound in his literature. He is creating justice, service, education and literature in the pursuit of justice. The unique work of social service and education service is done by Srushti. Poor children receive free education,gifts of necessities,video and book publishing,social awareness works, disaster relief, value education.