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Expecting Daddy Delivers Be the man your partner and your baby adore

Author Name: Rakhi Kapoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

“How has it been so far?” 

Confession of an expecting dad who would helplessly watch his partner throw up and rush to get a bucket or a plastic bag to her bedside, saving her the trip to the toilet.

“Don’t ask? I have been also bending over a plastic bag filled with vomit and dealing with these terrible mood swings. Somebody please make her understand that it’s not easy for me either, I’m also going through the pregnancy with her.  I am figuring out how to handle the mood swings. I don’t know what to do or what to say exactly but I am trying my level best to be there for her and the baby?”

An expecting dad may not experience the various changes that pregnancy brings forth in his partner’s body and mind. Nevertheless he can definitely be his partner’s knight in shining armour, his baby’s first super hero and deliver care, support and strength during pregnancy and childbirth. 

He just needs to get informed and understand the process of pregnancy and childbirth, how it impacts his partner’s life in turn affecting his own? This book being one of its kind for expecting dads which provides apt information, explanations, simple & easy to follow tips to take care of his partner’s physical mental and emotional needs during the challenging ten months.

Read on, and together, as a couple, bond and make beautiful memories during the pregnancy.

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Rakhi Kapoor

Rakhi is a renowned physiotherapist and a pioneer, specializing in the field of antenatal care, for over two decades through her center, ‘Dwi Maternity Studio.’ Rakhi’s own traumatic encounters during her pregnancy and childbirth motivated her to enhance the lives of pregnant women and expecting couples. 

Rakhi is also  an entrepreneur,avid trekker and author of numerous books . Her books provide simple and actionable solutions  in various genres such as healthcare, business, philosophy, family and parenting, biography, travel, poetry, and romance.   





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