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Exploration of The Structure of Atom A Reference Book and Workbook for High School Students

Author Name: Chandan Sukumar Sengupta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

We will discuss some of the basic princiles and terminologies associated with the study of Chemistry. Our conception regarding atom changed considerably since early days of revolutions in the field of science and technology. There developed different theories related to the structure of atom. During ages of Dalton people considered atom as a completely non-divisible and non-penetrable unitary entity of matter. Later on scientists demonstrated different experiments to show that we can break atoms in the combinations of different sub atomic particlels. Positively charged paricles stay together along side the uncharged particles inside a small centrally placed confinement called nucleus. We all know that like charges repel each other. Then why all protons are not experiencing such kind of repulsion? What binds them together inside the nucleus? It is Nuclear charge which binds all the positively charged particles together inside the nucleus. 

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